Dr. Jan Schnitzler


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator des BIOHEALTH Projekts


Zimmer 229

Tel.: +49 (0)341 9738582

Email: jan.schnitzler-[at]-uni-leipzig.de


My research focuses on macroevolutionary dynamics with a particular emphasis on plant phylogenetics and trait evolution, the dynamics of speciation and extinction, and the integration of neontological and paleontological data and methods.

The degree to which species's functional traits and/or ecological preferences are phylogenetically conserved is still debated. Phylogenetic comparative methods provide the opportunity to assess the mode and tempo of trait evolution, providing insights into the presence of evolutionary constraints or trends, as well as the tempo of adaptation.

The estimation of speciation and extinction rates is an essential part of macroevolutionary studies and is key to understanding the processes that generate and maintain species diversity in time and space. I have co-developed novel Bayesian approaches to estimate diversification dynamics from dated molecular phylogenies and fossil occurrences, utilizing both R and Python programming languages.

With the advancement of molecular phylogenetic research, substantial developments in understanding evolutionary dynamics from molecular data of extant organisms have been made. However, these approaches are limited by focusing only on extant taxa, ignoring the rich source of information in the fossil record. We have developed a framework to serve as a conceptual structure for analyses integrating neontological and paleontological perspectives, highlighting the opportunities that arise from integrated approaches.

Selected publications

Google Scholar profile

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