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Psychology within Nature Conservation


Nature conservation stands for human activities that aim to preserve the natural environment. This involves cognitions (e.g., both knowledge and attitudes about nature conservation), emotions (e.g., awe, joy, guilt) and motivations (e.g., willingness to get involved, renunciation). Thus, psychological processes play a central role in nature conservation. Environmental psychology investigates both the effects of human behavior on environment and nature, as well as the effects of environment and nature on human behavior and experience. So environmental psychology deals with the perception of environmental problems, psychological consequences of environmental problems and the conditions under which humans act environmentally friendly. Aims News Documentation Staff

Aim of the project


It is aim of this project to stabilize and demonstrate the role of psychology within nature conservation through a number of workshops sponsored by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. Here it is especially intended to investigate, elaborate and discuss the options of psychology concerning the communication about nature conservation, environmentally aware behavior and nature experience.


  • The second workshop about "Experience of nature and awareness within nature conservation" took place October 12 - 15, 2015 in Vilm. The documentation is coming soon.
  • The third workshop took place June 06 -09, 2016 in Vilm as an international summer school. For further information please visit

Documentation of workshops


Psychology concerning the communication about nature conservation

 Accessible publication of some submissions:

And as listed below you can find all lectures (in German) of speakers at the workshop "Psychologie in der Naturschutzkommunikation", Insel Vilm, November 3 - 6, 2014:


Summer School "Environmental Psychology"

Project Staff

All project-related questions should be directed to Anne-Kristin Römpke. She is the person to contact in all matters related to the project. Anne-Kristin Römpke, M.Sc. Psych.
  • project manager and organizer of the workshops
  • documentation of the project results Dr. Gerhard Reese
  • project manager and organizer of the workshops
  • documentation of the project results Prof. Dr. Immo Fritsche
  • project manager and organizer of the workshops
  • documentation of the project results External cooperation partner
  •  Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden Württemberg
    (Dr. Kerstin Ensinger)

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