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Welcome to the Life-Span Developmental Psychology Laboratory!

Our research is concerned with processes of successful development from adolescence into old age. As to the domains of development, our work focuses on emotions - basic emotions and more complex emotional competencies - and how they relate to motivational, cognitive, and social processes.

News from our Lab

Hamm, J., Barlow, M., Wrosch, C., & Kunzmann U. (in press). A tale of two emotions: the diverging salience and health consequences of calmness and excitement in old age. Psychology and Aging.

Wieck, C., Scheibe, S., & Kunzmann, U. (2021). Development and Validation of Film Stimuli to Assess Empathy in the Work Context. Behavior Research Methods.

Kornadt, A. E., Weiss, D., Gerstorf, D., Kunzmann, U., Luecke, A., Schilling, O., Katzorreck, M., Siebert, J., & Wahl, H.W. (in press). “I Felt so Old This Morning.” Short-Term Variations in Subjective Age and the Role of Trait Subjective Age: Evidence from the ILSE/EMIL Ecological Momentary Assessment Data. Psychology and Aging.

Blöchl, M., Schaare, H. L., Kunzmann, U., & Nestler, S. (in press). The age-dependent association between vascular risk factors and depressed mood. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences.

last update: 16.06.2021 


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