Doctorate and habilitation  


You are wholesouly dedicated to research and are planning to habilitate? Acquaint yourself with the requirements for a successful procedure by looking into the  Statutory Regulations for Habilitation.

Doctoral studies

You graduated and see yourself pursueing an academic career in the quest for scientific progress? The Faculty of Life Sciences wil help you acquire cutting-edge skills in current research issues. Your supervisors are commited to giving you a high-quality academic experience and to supporting you in all stages of your doctorate.

To structure your degree programme you can choose from a number of Doctoral Training Programmes. In addition to subject specific skills, at our Competence School you can acquire key qualifications that will enhance your international networking and career development.

Procedure of a doctorate

As soon as you found a supervisor for your doctorate studies, you apply to be enrolled in the doctoral registry. This will also enable you to be immatriculated as a research student.

Depending on how you want to structure your studies, once you are enrolled on the docotral list you start collecting ETCS credits by attending colloquia, visiting workshops, presenting a poster, or giving talks at scientific events.

After completing your written thesis, you apply for examination. Examination entry is granted by the Faculty Board. Your thesis is examined and graded by appointed reviewers. If the reviewers recommend acceptance of your thesis, a date is set for you to defend your thesis viva voce.

After a successful defence, you complete your examination by depositing legal copies of your thesis with the University Library.

You are then entitled to be given your doctorate certificate.

Documents for enrollment

Rules to Ensure Good Scientific Paractice (German only) >
PDF • 280 KB

Supervision Agreement (German only) >
PDF • 113 KB

Antrag auf Aufnahme in die Doktorandenliste >
PDF •  113 KB

Regulations for the Degree of Doctorate 2019 >
PDF • 167 KB

Documents for submission and examination

Handout for doctoral examination entry 2020 >
PDF • 109 KB

Sample Cover Page >
DOCX •   13 KB

Bibliographical Data >
DOCX •   12 KB

Co-Authors' Contribution >
PDF •   62 KB

Sample for thesis summary >
DOC •   23 KB

ETCS credits - summary table >
DOC •   42 KB

ECTS credits research colloquia >
DOC •   40 KB

Sample Presentation Slide >
DOCX • 15 KB

Sample Cover Page Legal Copy >
DOCX • 14 KB

Filing legal copies at University Library  >
DOC • 24 KB

Your representatives

There are a number of bodies that lobby for you and where you find contact partners. They provide you with useful information and assist you with practical advice in all stages of your doctoral studies:

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