Welcome to the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Leipzig

Work and Organizational Psychology
is a science and a profession. Work and organizational psychologists describe and explain human experiences and behavior in individual work, in teams, and in organizations.

The goal of our Team is to improve individual, team, and organizational performance and well-being through research, teaching, and consulting.

In the Study Program (B.Sc. and M.Sc. Psychology), our team is responsible for basic and advanced training in the area of work and organizational psychology.

Our Research focuses on (1) Aging and development in the work context, (2) Occupational stress and well-being, and (3) Active work behavior (proactivity, self-management, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship).

We offer evidence-based Consulting for organizations in topics such as personnel selection and development, work design, risk assessment, motivation, leadership, and health management.


last update: 27.04.2021 


Department of Work and Organizational Psychology
University of Leipzig
Institute of Psychologie
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig

Location: Städtisches Kaufhaus, staircase A, 2nd floor left